Fun Ideas for Recycling Your Old Mississippi Kitchen Cabinets

Before you just throw away your old Mississippi kitchen cabinets, there are some fun and interesting home projects you might consider which would make use of the materials from your old cabinets.  Getting new cabinets is a great way to update and modernize your space, but wanting to reuse your old materials can also keep them from clogging up a landfill and going to waste.

Cubby shelves are a great addition to any space where you have a blank wall.  These are small boxes rather than simple shelves, and if you attach them in a random pattern rather than lining them up next to one another, they add a lot of visual interest.  Cut the wood from your old Mississippi kitchen cabinets so that your cubbies are no more than six inches deep, and vary the height and width of the shelves.  Glue them together and use brackets you get from the hardware store for picture hanging, and these are a great addition to the living room for decorative accessories or a kitchen or bathroom for added storage.

You might also turn your old Mississippi kitchen cabinets into padded benches for additional seating in a kid’s room or family room.  Remove the door and sand down the wood; it may need a quick coat of paint.  Leave the interior shelves for additional strength.  Set the cabinet on one side and you can then add a cushion on the top where one would sit.  Bun-style feet on the bottom can also be added for visual interest and to help keep it level.

With some imagination you can turn your old Mississippi kitchen cabinets into any number of fun and interesting household items.  This means not wasting the materials and not contributing to local landfills.
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